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x "runtime error ..." - Missing OCX/DLL files

Some users may run into problems that require certain files, such as mscomctl.ocx or mscomct2.ocx. These files are usually residing in your computer, but can be damaged or deleted in certain ways. We have provided some of these files for download.
UnZip, then save the one you need in your Windows system folder:
For Windows NT, extract the file to C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 directory.
For all other Windows above Win95, extract the file to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory.
For Windows 7 64bit, extract the file into the C:\WINDOWS\sysWOW64 directory.

Instructions for registering the file are included in the zip file.

Download zipped mscomctl.ocx

Download zipped mscomct2.ocx

Download zipped Comdlg32.ocx

Download zipped MSSTDFMT.DLL

If the file missing is not listed here, search Google using the filename as the search term. There are quite a few websites that provide downloads for these files.
Please note that after updating or otherwise working with the Windows registry, you may have to re activate the software.

The procedures outlined on this page are fairly simple. However, if you feel at all uncomfortable following them, please get a qualified person to do the job. Since we at CNC Consulting have no control over how well you carry out these procedures, we accept no responsibility for any damage or disfunction to your operating system.