Runtime Error 75

Trades Math Calculator has been discontinued.

Try Machinist's Calculator as an alternative.

To get support for Trades Math Calculator you MUST include your order number with the query.

"Run-time error 75: path/file access error."
First, check the properties of the affected file, in this case "C:/Program Files/HiLo Enterprises/Trades Math Calculator" or "C:/Program Files(86)/HiLo Enterprises/Trades Math Calculator"

For example, if the error is caused when using the Materials app navigate to "C:/Program Files/HiLo Enterprises/Trades Math Calculator/Materials".

To do this use the "My Computer" icon, or Windows Explorer and navigate to the above folder. Right click on the file name and click "Properties" in the popup menu.
Under the "General" tab, make sure that the attributes "Read only" and "Hidden" are NOT checked.
Under the "Securities" tab, edit each group or user's permission to allow all permissions in the list (except special permissions). Click "Apply" and "OK","OK".

The above steps will solve the problem 99% of the time.

This error can also occur when the user does not have rights to the program directory or certain Registry keys. For the program to work properly users must be given rights by the administrator.

Trades Math Calculator writes to the registry so it can "remember" if the application was last used in metric or inch as well as some other settings.
Search your registry for keys that include the string "InchMetric". The ones you find in the folders "...\VB and VBA Program Settings\Trades Math Calculator" are the keys the Trades Math Calculator has to have read/write access to.

You may have to run the software as administrator:
Right click on the desktop icon for Machinist�s Calculator and click �Run as administrator� on the popup menu.


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