Calculate Trigonometry, Speeds and Feeds and Other Shop Maths

This software is designed for PCs, laptops and netbooks running 32bit and 64bit Windows.
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  • Right angle and oblique trigonometry calculator.
  • Math websites for elementary students
  • Sine bar calculator
  • Speeds and feeds, calculate RPM to surface speed, etc.
  • Material List application for help to calculate speeds and feeds.
  • Drill size conversion charts, tapping drill carts.
  • Drill point and countersink depth calculator is with the drill charts
  • Chord data calculations
  • Bolt circle coordinate calculations.
  • Grid layouts
  • Measuring threads with wire calculations
  • Hexagon and other regular polygon calculations
  • Ballnose cutter/surface finish calculations
  • Shaft taper calculations
  • All calculations switch between inch and metric
  • New features in Trades Math CalculatorArea of triangles and regular polygons are now included!
  • Convert length, volume, temperature, angles and much more.Convert just about anything to anything!

After calculations are made, the data may be printed with the user's computer. The coordinates produced in the grid or bolt circle applications can also be copied to the clipboard for pasting into CNC g-code files in a text editor.

Download the free demo. Explore all of the Trades Math Calculators time saving functions such as the trigonometry, speed and feed, bolt circle, taper shaft calculators,as well as the tap drill charts, decimal equivalent charts, etc. You'll spend a lot less time leafing through reference books!

Once you're convinced that Trades Math Calculator will save you time (and money!), and make short work of many lookups and calculations in your shop, click here to get directions on the various ways to purchase.

The price of Trades Math Calculator is $14.99 (Canadian Dollars).

Some parts of the Trades Math Calculator can be purchased as separate modules. ¶Click here for currency conversion. ¶ All calculation panels can be used in inch or metric values. Values already entered in one system can be converted to the other system.

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Inch metric conversion feature on Trades Math Calculator applications

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Trigonometry calculator, angle calculator, speed feed calculator, bolt circle, tapping drill info.


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This software is designed for PCs, laptops and netbooks running 32bit and 64bit Windows.