Material List for Calculating Speeds and Feeds

This very useful tool is accessed from the Speed and Feed panel.

We have already populated the list box with commonly used materials. We've entered general starting surface speeds and feeds as well
NOTES: -The speeds and feeds we have entered are a starting point only!
-The values you should actually use are dependent on variables such as machine type and condition, setup rigidity, tool condition, finish required, etc.
-The best speeds and feeds to use for carbide are those provided by the insert manufacturer.
-Turning feed rates are based on a depth of cut of about ten times the feed per rev.
-The drilling feeds shown are for drills about 13mm (1/2") diameter. Increase the feed for larger drill and decrease it for smaller drills.
-We occasionally update the list. To update your list click here: Material list
-If you have a suggestion of a material you'd like to see in the list, let us know by , or use this form.

The display can be in either the inch or metric system, and the panel will open set for the system that was last used.

Material list for calculating speeds and feeds on Trades Math Calculator.

Add a material to the list

What makes this application so useful is that you can add your own settings! If there is a material that you machine you can add it to the list. If your shop has established speeds and feeds for particular jobs, put them on the list.

Click "Add"

Make sure that the Inch/Metric button shows the system you wish to use.

Enter the description of the material.

Enter the surface speeds and feeds

Click "OK", and "OK to the message

If you want to edit a material already listed, you'll have to delete it first then re-enter it with the values you want to use.

To delete a material, highlight its name in the list box then click "Delete".