Speed and Feed Calculator

Quickly calculate cutting speeds and feeds for drills, milling cutters, and lathe workpieces.
  • Calculate between RPM and feet per minute or meters per minute
  • Calculate between feed per rev and feed per minute in inches or mm
  • Drill charts are accessable from this app.
  • Editable material list is accessable from this app.
  • Convert values shown between Inch and Metric systems.

This application opens ready to use the measuring system last used.

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Trades Math Calculator, including the speeds and feeds calculator, now
The Trades Math Calculator has been developed to quickly solve common machine shop and other trades trigonometry and math problems at a price every trades person can afford! As a machinist or CNC programmer, you often have to leaf through reference books, drill charts, speed and feed tables, thread wire charts and so on to find the information you need. You often have to use trigonometry to calculate hole positions, chamfers, sine bar stacks, dovetail measurements, bolt circles, etc. On the other hand, you can use the Trades Math Calculator fast, easy and accurate and affordable.
Calculate speeds and feeds, convert cutting speed to RPM

This software was developed by machinists for machinists. We all learned our speeds and feeds formulas as apprentices, but unless we're constantly using them, how easy is it to forget! Even those of us using trig often appreciate the quick and easy way to find the answers using the trig functions in Trades Math Calculator.
Free trial of Trades Math Calculator with the speed and feed calculator will show you how useful this application can be!


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This software is designed for PCs, laptops and netbooks running 32bit and 64bit Windows.
This software is designed for PCs, laptops and netbooks running 32bit and 64bit Windows.